Reseller Web Hosting in Multiple Locations Around The World

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Besides a traveller and someone interested in cultures, there is also a nerd inside of me. Yes, I love working with computers and like to use that power to communicate with the world in different, new ways. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I am NOT running WordPress, but instead this nifty Textpattern CMS which is much cooler in my opinion. I like to do things differently, and in new ways. I guess that is very much connected with my lifestyle in general.

So I have some plans on “taking over the world”, but they are in kind of baby steps at the moment. Anyway, I needed to host several web sites in several different world locations. Luckily one host came to the rescue, as I found reseller hosting for multiple locations that is simply fantastic!

Not only host nine offers multiple IPs, they also have server locations in three different continents. Totalling four countries, three locations in the US alone. Talk about value. The minimum capacity is 100sites, but with my needs.. that’s more than enough. The price is extremely decent, so I am a totally go go “green light” with their offer.

In fact, just this morning I signed up and I would warmly recommend them to anyone who is interested in quality reseller hosting. So why did I want all the websites in different locations? I have to say that one reason is speed and PING (which is like the response time). In the modern world, you can host a website anywhere in the world and almost anyone in the world can access it. I’m pointing at you, China! But the speeds are not great everywhere. You would be surprised how many connections are bad between certain points within the world.

Germany has high internet speeds, but accessing Asian websites.. Chinese websites. It can be terrible. So if you have a website with visitors mainly from Asia.. better have the server there. Hostnine has really come for the reseller hosting rescue! Millions of thanks for that.

Best wishes! —> Tobias Meier



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