Life is Like a Hamburger

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I am pretty well known for opening my mouth about, well just any kind of immigrant issues. Not just here in Germany but in other countries as well. For me, it’s a juicy topic. Perhaps one reason is that I live in Hamburg which is packed with immigrants. Perhaps the other is, that I am simply interested in other cultures. Nothing is more rewarding then getting out of your comfort zone. Go and talk to some immigrants, get to know their way of living in YOUR country. But then comes a time when that is not enough and you need to go out and travel. Venture out into the world, looking for the next interesting and amazing experience.

Perhaps that time is coming for me, soon enough! Because I already feel confident enough to say, that I know what’s going on in this city. And that is quite a big thing to say. Most people have no idea, and I am of course talking about the Germans.

If you are an immigrant and come to a strange country you have to find out what the people that live there are all about. And starting to learn languages and all that, I can say that the have to really works. Nothing wrong with that.

Perhaps.. we should make more situations in society where people have to experience something. Well, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. The initial step has to come from the individual. Right! In the end, life is just like a hamburger. It’s juicy, it’s not good for you but you have to eat! Makes you grow really.

Yours truly,

T. Meier



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