Money is Not Enough

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You might think that this is some tearful post about how money is not everything in life. No, I don’t think so and neither does the fellow money greedy people of Hamburg. I guess there reason why so many people are after money, because they have little of it. Especially the immigrants around here.

I often look at them working at phone, internet shops and such.. they basically live in their shops. Perhaps a lot of them have forgotten their dreams of visiting their relatives back home for example. Having an internet shop, makes it very convenient for an immigrant to contact back home. I guess that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular here.

Instead, they are trying to get there relatives into Germany. So that they too, can live the European dream. Whatever that is. American dream sounds much better, but it’s just the sound. Perhaps it is just what it sounds to us westerners. To them, it might sound like peace and harmony. A life without war, so without living the rich dream it’s enough. But, the money is in it’s nature the kind, that it is really never enough.

I’ve had times of both in my life. Times of wealth, times of poor. I’ve enjoyed both. But ultimately it’s better to have the money, and just accept the fact that it is never sufficient. Instead embrace the problems that come with it, because these problems could very well be your friend.

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