Friend Went to Shanghai & Had Good Time

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I’m always planning something. Be it a trip to China or a picnic with my girlfriend on top of a mountain. It can be anything. I am thinking that what Hamburg doesn’t have, that is something that I should go to get for from outside of the city. And, naturally that’s a lot. Clubbing is something I never look for elsewhere. What I like to do, is look for some spice in life in things that I have never experienced before.

I met a friend of mine, and lately he is totally into acrobatics. I was like, what? What’s it with some stupid circus performance.. I’m sure they have those in Germany and they all suck. But he insisted and as a fellow clubber, and not some nerd I just had to listen to him.

Turns out he went to Shanghai Centre to see some show that confronts death pretty much. Then he continued to explain that circus is very different from real acrobatics. That Germany was just mimicking the Chinese acrobatic traditions and creating shitty circus from it. So it seems that if you want to see the real thing, you need to head to Shanghai and namely Shanghai Centre Theatre. Well, I am sure there must be loads more theatres in China, right? But either way, hearing about the amazing feats and all that made me think like I want to go as well or something.

But I guess it’s one of those things that you don’t really understand before you really experience them, by your self. My friend was like me before he went to China, circus against circus freaks. Hahah. Other than that he had a great trip and visited Beijing too. He says that it’s not all true you see in news and papers about the country, there are loads of good people. It’s like they are being black mailed sometimes.

As acrobatic theatre one example, there are plenty of other things that Chinese should be proud of. For example work etiquette, people work a lot and they are super skilful. My friend got his iPhone fixed for a ridiculous price, and it was just some kid who fixed it in a dirty small shopping mall. Great work he did and deserved a tip.

All these stories sound very interesting, but I still don’t know if I want to visit the centre of the world (as the communists call it I guess). I guess because the mix and immigrant world is missing from there.. or prove me wrong?





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