Best Thing About Hamburg

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I once overheard a conversation at a restaurant table in Hamburg, Germany. There was a group of locals on one table and a foreign traveler on the other. They were having a discussion about Hamburg and one of the locals suggested: ‘Do you know what’s the best thing about Hamburg?” to which the foreigner responded.. “Actually, I have no idea. I don’t know much about this city”. The locals laughed and said: “It is because there are so little Germans here”.

Being german myself, I found this very amusing. Obviously these locals were immigrants, and not truly German. But even though I am one myself, I can really relate to this discussion. I always kind of felt alienated in my home country, and felt attracted to the opposite nations.

In fact, it’s what has kept me sane all these years in the little neighbourhoods of Hamburg. Because there are very many immigrants which creates a huge diversity among the people. Delicious food, exiting parties and many other things you can find from my city. If it would be some boring all-german city or town, I wouldn’t survive there for very long!!

But it’s not enough. I do cross the border regularly and enjoy the world, the mix. Life is beautiful that way!

This was my little introduction to all the exiting stuff that’s going to come to my web site. Enjoy friends!

Tobias Meier



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