Is German Technology & WWW Behind or Just Enough

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Thanks to a good friend of mine, I have learned that German technology is sometimes very outdated. While I am not a huge fan of the United States, there are simply some things that are a way ahead of us. And I think one of them is the simple ‘fact’ that they are more money greedy. Of course I am not saying that all Germans would not be greedy, but there is a certain ratio or likely hood that we probably can agree on.

For example, blogging and affiliate marketing has been a huge thing in America. You can read loads and loads of articles about how to master this art. If you search for the same thing in German, you might be very surprised indeed. Even by browsing these blogs, you can see that the design is outdated.. and seems everyone is using WordPress. Now, as a German I have to admit that I kind of fall into the same category.. of people who are not using this “all brilliant” piece of content management software. But I know one guy who is doing well with it and making a few bucks too with his success. For me, I call him the WordPress Expert, because he seems to be not just “know it all”, but he really knows it ALL.

Perhaps unfortunate for him, but I have made him help me so many times in the past. While he is already helping so many people with his hugely popular Elftronix blog.. I take that opportunity plus I contact him personally. It’s just unbelievable that he is so helpful. Not some typical American, who just thinks about money. He sincerely, and honestly wants to help people with his own experience. Which is obviously working out for him rather well.

Know he has gotten me into trying Joomla too. So that I can choose between the two. Perhaps the one with the best plugins wins. Meaning the ones that have the best plugins for my personal use and needs. For now this “Textpattern Blog CMS” is going to be enough for my Hamburg blog. But for other projects I am planning to evolve, elf style. So yes, I think that German WWW, AKA the internet is lacking in some ways. Yet on the other hand, I think it’s enough in a lot of cases. Obviously there are huge possibilities to be explored, and anyone who wants to be their own boss as well as live an independent life. Well, I have good news for you —> It’s like living in the Lotto if you live in this country.

Eventually Germans will learn from the Americans, as well as all other nationalities to find their own balance in web design, technology and other advancement sectors. Both in work as well as life. Good luck everyone and I hope that my words can help as an encouragement to others.

Auf Wiedersehen, …meine lieben Freunde! =)

Tobias Meier, Hamburg.



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