Techno on the Streets

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Hey guys. I recently had the honour of attending a huge rave in Berlin. It was loaded with great techno music and the people went crazy, right on the streets. I think besides my legs from the dancing, my facial muscles are also rather tired from all that smiling. It’s really a special place, Hamburg that is and you can always be sure that techno is top quality. In fact, in other countries when I hear of a techno party I usually pass. I rather experience other styles of music in foreign countries. But for Germany, it’s definitely techno or nothing.

You might think I have a shallow view on things if I limit myself to one style of music in a country. But I don’t think so because I have already experience a lot of musical things in my home country. It’s funny that often when I meet other travelers abroad, they don’t know that much about their own country. I might ask some questions because I am really interested in different nationalities and what they have or how they live in their homes.

Well, I kind of understand it. Because they just have an interest in stuff that’s outside of their country. But it’s usually about the experience, because even if it’s near your home there is always interesting things to do and see. So rather I would call it a lack of experience that all. For everything you need motivation and if it takes you elsewhere, that’s fine!

For myself, I can say that it is good to know about your country because I like to answer questions and explain about Germany. Even though I am also more interested in other countries often enough. So that’s why I can easily just concentrate on Techno here.


Tobias Meier



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